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WHY HELLO! If you're a listener of Buffering the Vampire Slayer, you know that every week we write an original song recapping an episode of Buffy. At the request of Joanna of House Robinson, on behalf of the spectacular Game of Thrones podcast A Cast of Kings, we wrote this song recapping GoT S7E1: Dragonstone!


Last time we checked in, the sept was toast
Now what’s everybody up to in Westeros
The army of the dead’s coming south with snows
Thank The Seven everybody’s in Westeros

Winter came for House Frey
If one wolf gets in the wine, the sheep are never safe
Visions and all, Bran reached The Wall
and Edd let him in, but that mighta been a dooming call

Jon and Sansa held a great big meeting
Brienne’s giving Pod quite a beating
Tormund is entranced, and Littlefinger’s creeping
like he does

Glossing over Sam, cause he’s got it gross
the unluckiest guy in Westeros
Haven’t seen Nymeria, haven’t seen Ghost
but everybody else is in Westeros

Here come a sexy eyeliner pirate, asking for Cersei’s hand
The Mountain sure wants to fight him, and Jaime doesn’t understand
Why his sister is still in hot pursuit of a dynasty built for two

Sandor the Hound is comin round
Lookin in the flames and diggin midnight graves
for the ones he once struck down
and oh we’ve seen in quarantine
Jorah’s still alive, with devoted eyes out for the Dragon Queen

Dany touching down on her homeland
Varys looking like he got a good tan
Could he really be a secret merman?
I hope so

Arya might not kill these Lannister bros
Could redemption be reality in Westeros
Look, it’s Ed Sheeran making rabbit roast!
I guess everybody really is in Westeros
Everybody’s finally in Westeros!


released July 25, 2017


all rights reserved


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